Dry Skin

Dry skin is the one of the common problem these days. Dry skin happens when the skin lacks too much oil and water. Dry skin is normal and can affect anyone of any age. Xerosis is the term used to define dry skin. Dry skin can be caused by several different reasons and typically you do have to address the causes. An individual may have a kidney disorder, a person may have a liver condition that causes dry skin, and the causes can be metabolic like a thyroid problem.


Ultimately, if they are the most significant problem, you want to patch these problems. Weather conditions such as cold dry winter weather or humid, dry, desert areas, dry indoor air by heating or cooling systems, certain soap and detergent conditions such as eczema or psoriasis, ageing, during which skin becomes slimmer and creates less natural oil may also be caused by dry skin.

But what you should do at home on your own is to bring the hydration back into the skin. Bear in mind that vaporization through the pores of the skin is what causes the skin to dry. The skin moisture count goes down occasionally. People who do not have dry skin can retain the moisture inside if it is drier skin.


But normally you would use a pumice stone to remove the outer layers of the dead skin when there’s generally a scale what you’d do. If you can, there are various kinds of moisturizers you can use. If there is a problem with excess dry skin, then what you should do is use something like the ultra 20 carousel with a urea base in it. What it does is exfoliate the skin to allow a moisturizer to be added to you. Usually, anything that is nice along the shea butter line will be a moisturizer for Dry skin.

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