Maybelline Master Strobing Highlighter REVIEW

How does Maybelline Master Liquid Highlighter work and is needed in your maquillage arsenal? Maybelline Master Liquid Highlights give your face a more chiseled look. A product swipe on the strategic areas of your face raises your characteristics to make your face tighter and heavier. For instance, the use of an illuminator on top of your cheekbones immediately enhances the exposure of your cheekbones. So, yes, you need highlighters if you want to look tight and firm!

The collection consists of three shades! We have light medium and light deep, so light, like a beautiful pearl shade mediums, is a pink gold shade and more of the beautiful, dark, rich Bondi shade. We have a beautiful shade. And that’s a kind of beautiful formula! It’s not overly dull, light cream, it is not either watery or sticky. It’s a beautiful kind of medium consistency that works on both skin tones and skin types.


It’s really quick to mix the Maybelline Master Liquid Highlighter and you can also build it well!

Maybelline Master Liquid Highlighter is a really great liquid in the sense that it applies like a liquid it applies like a cream and it blends quite beautifully and smoothly. It doesn’t dry down to a super matte finish. It stays greasy and sort of oily either instead you just get that really beautiful glow and luminosity. Bruce gold copper shade so this is definitely better suited to those with a medium to deep skin tone. So again much like the other formula it’s got that beautiful creaminess to it applies really beautifully it applies really smoothly and it’s very easy to blend in with your fingertips. I found that some shades were better than others so that is something important to know. I found that this shade and the deep shade took a little bit more work to blend into the skin. You can sort of alter between having that really beautiful subtleness to the skin or something that’s a little bit more intense so there you go there’s a look at all three shades of the Maybelline master strobing liquid. So you’ve got light medium and deep so there’s sort of three shades that are really great and can sort of be used by a variety of different skin tones.

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