Winter Makeup

We have a happy role to change our skin care and make-up to blend into the dry cold, sharp air and the punishing, much drier indoor warm-up for those of us whose perception of the winter sun doesn’t involving jetting off in tropical resorts. The typical thing seems every winter is flaky, dry, irritated skin and yet it remains adorable. There’s maquillage, Lucky for us. It’ll take some tweak just to stop betraying us by pointing out how ravaged our skin is during the winter.

First things first, don’t skimp on moisturizer in Winter Makeup. This is technically a tip for skin-care, but it’s also a useful step to think of it as the easiest way to achieve a dewy, glow skin before you even think of breaking the highlight. Spend some time massaging the moisturizer to improve the natural glow of your skin and don’t forget your neck.


Now, you need to know when to moisturize your skin. Hydration is certainly important, but some makeup artists say that when your skin is still moist after showering, be sure to hydrate. The best time to give your freshly steamed and washed skin its much-needed hydration is after a shower.

We all know in the winter that our skin gets drier than usual. So, stay away from too powdery anything. You can make fair skin look duller with powder. Some makeup experts suggest using a moisturizing CC cream that is one shade warmer than the color of your face.

It is a smart idea to use a luminous primer instead of a conventional matt one to spice up your primer. The subtle shimmer in the primer will help give your skin an impressive glowing-from-within look. We’ll take any extra boost of glow we can get with winter winds to think about. Plus, the primer adds another hydration layer.


During winter, never avoid moisturizing. Keep a facial mist nearby to spray a shot of hydration if you find your skin getting dry or your makeup getting cakey during the day. To help set up the makeup and have a little extra moisture, spray your face with a light mist of water.

Do not forget to moisturize your skin physically. During warmer months, we love light chemical exfoliation, but falling temperatures mean that applying them to our skin will lead to intense dryness. That said, dead skin cells need to be sloughed off periodically so that you can maintain a healthy glow. Gentle physical exfoliation with a face brush or a wet washcloth is best in the winter. Here are some of the things females often do with perfect makeup.

Make sure your lipstick will last with the temperature and climate changes. Winter months, all in seconds, see us abandon warm indoor environments and sprint out to freezing temperatures. You need to make sure that you put on a lipstick that can cope with that stress.

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